2 Sets of Gantry Crane are Shipped to Romania


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I need an offer for one single girder gantry crane for indoor. 
Our warehouse has 11300mm width, 12000mm height.
So we need one gantry crane with the following specifications:
Capacity: 10 tons
Lifting capacity: 6 meters( will lift wood boards of 3 tons)
Span:10 meters (I think 10 meters it's the maximum span we can have).
144 meters buried rails
will use busbar
with all accessories 
Looking forward to your offer!
The gantry cranes are used for lifting long wooden board indoor, The indoor lifting solution we provide makes full use of the space at both ends of the workshop, and the customer is very satisfied.
6 Sets of 10 meters long Lifting Spreader are also provided.
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gantry crane indoor use


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Gantry Cranes are also known as Portal cranes or Goliath cranes and operate on floor mounted rails rather than a supporting runway system as used by bridge cranes.

Unlike overhead cranes, gantry cranes have legs and move on rails which are usually mounted on floor level.

Semi Gantry cranes feature a floor mounted rail and a structurally mounted rail.

Manufacturing in accordance with the different customer´s requirements, including single girder, double girder, single leg, double leg, semi gantry, and cantilever styles.

SANTO have single girder solutions for Gantry Cranes from 1 ton SWL up to 32 ton and double girder solutions up to 500 ton SWL.

Henan Santo Crane Co., Ltd.

SANTO also manufacture a range of custom designed Gantry Cranes specific to client applications.

Single girder gantry crane is normally matched with single girder electric hoist as lifting mechanism, easy control, low cost.

Double girder gantry crane is matched with double girder electric hoist or open winch trolley as lifting mechanism for heavy duty application.

Applied outside or inside to do common loading and unloading with strong hoists.

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