SANTO CRANES have a full range of Electric Wire Rope Hoists


SANTO CRANES have a full range of Electric Wire Rope Hoists to meet all your lifting requirements.
Our range is so comprehensive that we are confident that you will get the lifting equipment that you need at a price you'll love.

Henan Santo Crane Co., Ltd.

New Design FEM/DIN Standard Electric Wire Rope Hoists:

The new type of the hoists is to be defined in accordance with the load spectrum, the average operating time per day in hours, the loading capacity and the reeving.

Each rope hoist working load limit is available in 4 different applications of hoist type; stationary, standard headroom, low headroom for single girder cranes, and crab units for double girder cranes.

The range of safe working loads includes; 1t, 1.6t, 2t, 2.5t, 3.2t, 4t, 5t, 6.3t, 8t 10t, 12.5t, 16t, 20t, 25t, 32t and 50t.

Henan Santo Crane Co., Ltd.   wire rope hoist for double beam crane
Electric Wire Rope Hoist for Double Girder Cranes   Electric Wire Rope Hoist for Single Girder Cranes



A massive range of speeds are available, as well as heights of lift, duty ratings and reeving's. In addition you can choose from 10 different heights of lifts from 6 to 40 meters hook to floor.

As an example the 5t SWL hoist is available in 96 options! These are made of 2 different duty ratings, 10 different heights of lifts, 4 different speeds and 4 hoists types/applications.


To choose the right hoists the following criteria should be taken account:
● What will be the maximum loading capacity?
● What will be the maximum lifting height?
● What hoisting speed is to be employed?
● Will an auxiliary reduced lifting speed be required?
● What will the operational conditions be?
● What will the travelling speed be, if required?
● How do you operate the hoists?

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