General Description

These heavy-duty modular transfer carts are available in a wide range of capacities and dimensions to suit any requirement. They are equipped with all the safety devices needed for ground-level machinery movement.

They are an important complement to cranes lifting heavy loads at ground level and the ideal solution for cargo transfer between ships.
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There are two main types of transfer carts, according to movement type

- Steerable transfer carts on wheels:
  • These move in any direction.
  • Available in battery powered version.
- Transfer carts on rails:
  • These move along a straight rail track line.
  • Available in battery-powered or electric versions, with movement via a cable winder or power line.


How to Choose a Suitable Transfer Cart

All of our transfer carts all customized as client's requirement, for choose the most suitable transfer trolley, please kindly providing the following inforamtion:

  • Transfer or handling what matrial/cargo?
  • What capacity do you need?
  • The trasnfer trolley is running on rails or ground(floor)?
  • Your requirment for table size:length,width and height?
  • How about the running distance?
  • How many working hours in per day?


Battery Powered Rail Mounted Transfer Cart

Henan Santo Crane Co., Ltd.

This kind of transfer carts are powered by battery, its operation is so easy. KPX series's battery powered flat cart can be used both on the "s"and arc-shaped railways. They can also be used in the ferry condition and flammable, explosive environment. It is suitable to be used in the long distance transportation and low using frequency.Additionally , About the flat cart, we have professional team to study the item, Attentively manufacturing, keeping on improving and elaborately serving to make our customers satisfied, it has been more than 12 years. up to now, the largest capacity reach to 300t.




  • Load capacity, table size, rail gauge, speed can custom per client's demand.
  • Control way: push button pendant, remote control, operator platform mounted on cars.
  • Provide the optimized solution according to actual application condition.

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