KPJ series cable reel power transfer trolley adopts the AC 380V cable wire as supply power. AC 380 V provides power for YZ motor, VFD speed adjustment, largest transporting distance 200 meter. It is widely applied for Hoist and Crane manufacturing industry as well as metallurgical industry.

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It is equipped with cable reel which operates in hysteresis coupling way to ensure safe pulling and winding in of the cable wire and to prevent it injured. The cable reel is installed underneath the transfer car. Through the AC control system, the cable wire sends the current to the car, which enables the car to start, stop, and go forward or backward. As the car travels forward or backward, the cable reel automatically pulls or winds in the cable wire. When the traveling distance is beyond 50 meters, more transverse units are needed for cable wire spooling. Its maximum traveling distance is 200 meters. 

The transfer trolley can be fitted with hydraulic lifting system. Its operation system is powered by 36V low-voltage. With simple structure and low production cost, it is commonly used in cross-floor transportation in factories, well suited for metallurgical applications in high-temperature environment or explosive occasions as well as in many other bad conditions. Compared with KPD series, the KPJ type does not require high-standard rails. It can handle materials of any weight, well suitable for high use frequency applications. 

1. Customized transfer trolley is available according to the deck size and rail gauge provided by the customer. The car can be supplied with steel channel upon request. 
2. The frequency converter, electrical controller, and double speed control system are for option. 
3. The wireless radio remote control device is also available for option.

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